2017 TMNT GIANT CYBER SAMURAI TURTLE 1 of 1 Prototype Boxed Toy

2017 TMNT GIANT CYBER SAMURAI TURTLE 1 of 1 Prototype Boxed Toy

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2017 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles GIANT CYBER SAMURAI TURTLE
Custom One-of-a-Kind 1 of 1
Prototype Conceptual Toy from the 1994 Playmates Toys Catalog

New in box. Original tie straps from artist remain untouched. Completely original packaging and box art courtesy of Alvin Silvrants of Hits-Design. Playmates Toys Custom Netherlands Release, not a licensed real Playmates Toys figure. I rarely seek bootleg figures or desire unauthorized toys. When you see a toy figure of this caliber and detail, you cannot resist! The figure has real walking actions, laser sounds and talking sounds! The laser pistol, eye visor and stomach cavity all light up with bright flashing red laser lights! Also included is original sketches, conceptual art, top secret build photos, notes, and a certificate of authenticity from Alvin, that states this is the first ever figure made by him and it is 1 of 1.

-Giant 12″ Hand painted Motorized Walking Action Figure
-Stock # 3405 as featured in the 1994 Playmates Toy Catalog
-Custom box art design
-Original sculpted head
-Motorized Walking action
-Laser pistol with working firing sounds and lights
-Swivel turtle mounted machine gun turrets on both left and right shoulders
-Swivel turtle mounted machine gun turrets on both left and right knees
-Left hand features working grabbing hand
-Includes mutating 2.5″ baby turtle that transforms into Ninja Turtle co-pilot featuring 2 sai weapons
-Shell cockpit control center
-Gold paint
-Metallic purple pearl paint on body and weaponry
-Working blast sounds with talking voice and red lights on eye visor and torso
-Includes a detailed laminated original concept sketch by artist Alvin Silvrants
-Includes a laminated original signed Certificate of Authenticity stating #1 by artist Alvin Silvrants
-Includes a detailed art sketchbook with photos featuring the design and creative process
-Encapsulated inside a custom measured 14″ acrylic case from Collectible Grading Authority, Inc. (CGA)

Alvin Silvrants information can be found at his website www.hits-design. You should look him up for his creative acrylic and oil paintings or commission him to do a custom action figure, or even illustrations for children’s books. This guy is really talented and you should keep him on your radar in the future. Thanks, Alvin!

  • Model: 2017tmntgiantcybersamuraiturtle1
  • 1 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Hits-Design, Netherlands

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